ABC Computers Plus Terms of Service

1. Warranty

ABC Computers Plus offers a 90 day warranty on the labor of each of its repairs. Parts sold by ABC have a warranty of 30 days unless otherwise specified. In the event that an issue were to present itself within the warranty period please visit or call us. Brand new computers, parts or systems can come with longer warranties. Use the ABC Computers Plus dashboard to see your up to date warranty information.

2. Free Diagnosis and Pre-existing Issues

ABC Computers Plus will not be held liable for any damage done to the device during free diagnosis. Customer acknowledges that devices with liquid damage, hinge damage, external damage, or failing hard drives may become worse during course of repairs and ABC Computers Plus will not be held liable. Free diagnosis extends to an external inspection of the machine.

3. Failure to Retrieve Equipement

If dropping off equipment for service you are given 30 calendar days from services rendered to pick-up equipment. If equipment is not retrieved within the 30 day period, said equipment will incur a $5 per day storage fee to be included in the total amount due. If within 45 days of drop off said equipment has not been retrieved, said equipment will become property of ABC Computers Plus, with all service and storage fees still due, unless otherwise negotiated. If said fees go unpaid for a total of 120 days, a claim will be filed which in turn will become a judgment on your public record and will report on your credit for seven years while accruing interest.

4. Data Loss

ABC Computers plus will not be held liable for any lost data during the course of repairs.

4. Returns and Refunds

Refunds and returns are not accepted except for the case of unused, new, in box hardware. Please bring all issues to ABC Computers Plus to be resolved. In the event an issue can not be resolved the customer will be given a replacement item, or given a refund for the cost of the original item.

We are committed to conducting our business in accordance with these principles. Please call ABC Computers Plus with any questions.